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Financial Security Advisors, Inc. is a very special investment management firm, different from many others you may have encountered.

In November of 2014 we will celebrate having been incorporated as an independent registered investment advisor for 30 years. During this time we have been successful in protecting and growing client assets through every market condition that has occurred. Our investment strategies and professional relationships have adjusted to reflect the emerged international marketplace. And, our reputation for placing client interests first has never been challenged.

We have neither a maximum nor minimum account size. We have the resources capable of serving very wealthy clients. We also have a commitment to helping investors of very modest means. Our clients are individuals, business owners, and non-profit organizations. By using resources, strategies and products from multiple financial disciplines we provide specialty solutions to achieve client goals.

I look forward to receiving your inquiry about how, by working for you, we may accomplish your important investment objectives.


Morris E. Vickers